So, what is Fevolution, anyway?
Meandering between fantasy and reality, interwoven with natural and mechanical beings, Fevolution is about infinite evolutionary possibilities.

Client: Dorte Mandrup Architects
Services: Design, Art Direction, User Experience, Animation

The Fevolution series was created the same way

it was meant to be experienced: without prejudice. Viewers should bring their own perspectives in interpreting the series. I do not believe in rhetoric that glorifies my idiosyncrasies and misleads my audience. The truth is that, when I started this project, I did not want a premeditated narrative or anything along those lines to restrain my thoughts. Most of the time, I drew with a free mind, following my heart to wherever it took me. Through now, even with the publication of this book, my fascination with Fevolution has stayed alive to me, constantly evolving. I suggest my audience follow my path with an open heart, delving into the exploration of enlightenment and complexity in these works. I hope my viewers will at least enjoy the visual aspects of my fantasyland creations. Finding meaning below the surface is up to everyone on their own.

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